EPR Bathurst/Péninsule is proud to offer a dynamic team of professional advisers to help with all your accounting needs and to support your business. Our firm provides a full range of services to ensure the successful financial monitoring and sound management of your business.

Our team is dedicated to working with you in complete confidentiality. We adhere to a policy of constant communications with our clients.

Our associates and the professionals supporting them know that you require services that meet your needs and timelines. When a business has complete control of its financial data, it makes better business decisions. The result is strong relationships with suppliers and better customer service that ensures a fair price for its products and services.

We also advise business owners looking to financial institutions to fund their projects or to start a business. We can assist you in preparing business plans, funding requests and pro forma financial statements, as well as train your staff in bookkeeping, financial analysis and monitoring during the start-up of operations, to name just a few of the areas where we can help.

We offer taxation advice to clients on corporate and personal taxes, tax disputes and corporate reorganization, acquisition or inheritance, and taxes on products and services.

EPR Bathurst/Péninsule has had a presence in the region for nearly three decades. Our professionals have first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing business leaders and organizations operating far from the major urban centres. Our clients come from commercial and industrial sectors, institutions and non-profit organizations.

We are just a phone call away and can quickly meet all your needs.