As part of our professional practice, we conduct the following audit, review and compilation engagements.


An audit engagement consists in providing a high, though not absolute, level of assurance by applying procedures that, in our professional opinion, reduce the risk of an inappropriate conclusion to a low level. These procedures include inspection, observation, information gathering, confirmation, recalculation, reperformance and analytical procedures.


A review engagement consists in providing a moderate level of assurance by designing procedures that, in our professional opinion, reduce the risk of an inappropriate conclusion to a moderate level. These procedures are normally limited to information gathering, analytical procedures and discussion. The risk is reduced to a moderate level when the supporting information gathered makes it possible to conclude that the amounts within the financial statements are plausible.


A compilation engagement involves the preparation of financial statements by a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) using information provided by the client. The CPA ensures the mathematical accuracy of the aggregate data. Unlike an audit or review in which the CPA does sufficient work to produce a statement of assurance regarding the financial statements, a compilation engagement does not provide such assurance.


The sale or transfer of your company to your estate requires careful planning. The same is true for the purchase of a company or the incorporation of a new associate.

Our taxation experience provides us with the tools to protect your assets from business risks, prepare your tax returns and revise a notice of assessment of income tax or taxes payable in preparation of a notice of objection to an assessment. 

We will claim the tax credits to which you are entitled and assist you in the event of a tax audit.

We can also set up a family trust, settle an estate or help you with estate planning and leveraging capital gains.

Financial Management Consultations

Want to sell your business or buy one? We can estimate the value of your business or of the one you would like to purchase. We can also estimate the value of certain assets as part of an impairment test required by accounting standards.

We can determine your financial needs and negotiate financing with your financial institution.

We can prepare your financial projections and validate your budget, diagnose your business to ensure an effective turnaround and develop financial management and modelling tools to implement this recovery.

We can assess your human resources needs in accounting, provide support in hiring the desired candidate and develop a compensation policy for you.

We can train your staff on the use of various accounting software or provide you with bookkeeping services.